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Secure your future. Call now for your FREE quote!


 -  Help with basic activities in your home

 -  Pay for medical expenses

 -  Renewable for life

 -  Potential tax deduction

 -  Policies that fit your budget

 -  Local personalize service

 -  More than 35 years of experience you can rely on

While planning for the future, it is important not to forget about the here and now. Get the same highly responsive local service and best rates on all of your personal insurance needs with us.

Increase your

freedom of choice 

and independence with long term care insurance at the best rates with us

The cost of long term care without insurance can be prohibitive, and put you in the awkward position of relying on relatives. Avoid that scenario - secure your high quality long term care policy with the help of our licensed insurance agents.


Built in choices so you aren't dependent  

Take the reins now and be in control later

Have options in your future! With the right long term care policy you will be afforded the freedom of choice you want when it comes to your future well-being and care. Be proactive, so you can receive the quality of care you want, where you want it.

Easily set up your security and peace of mind quickly

Long term solutions

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Long Term Care

In the event that you develop a chronic condition like Alzheimer’s disease or return from a rehabilitation facility, having Long Term Care coverage will provide you with the comfort and convenience of assisted living, as well as a huge decrease in the cost of expenses.  RALI Capital Corp works directly with Genworth Financial to assist you with finding coverage that will cover any unfortunate injury, illness or disease.  Without this type of coverage, the cost of care can be incredibly expensive, and the impact it could have on your loved ones could be immense. Long Term Care insurance gives you the option to choose, ahead of time, the services you receive, where you are cared for and who will provide you with the care that you need.

Long Term Care Coverage Includes:


    -Skilled nursing care

    -Assistance with bathing, dressing and eating

    -Home health aides and therapists

    -Financial freedom


Our friendly and professional staff is here to answer any questions you may have about our company or our services.  Whatever your personal or commercial insurance coverage needs, we will provide you with a comprehensive plan that you can trust at rates that you can afford.


Contact RALI Capital Corp. today at 516-931-1670, or browse our website for more information regarding personal insurance or commercial insurance.

Genworth Financial

Having life insurance is one of the most responsible things you can do when it comes to protecting the financial security of your family. When you pass away, any unpaid taxes or existing credit card balances or expenses are still expected to be paid.  Life insurance can replace income and pay these expenses so your  family doesn't have to.  At RALI Capital Corp., we can provide you with a variety of options to help you choose the perfect plan for you.


Life Insurance Coverage Includes

Funeral expenses

- Estate taxes

- Final medical bill expenses



Mortgage / Rent payments

- Loans

- Auto loans

- Bank loans

- Credit car balances